terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010


but again when you look back in my direction you'll finally notice I'm not here anymore.

I'm gone for so long but it seems you can't grasp it and I keep wondering and wondering when are you going to ask where I ended up.

I keep hoping you'll give yourself the effort to look for me and check if I'm okay. I keep praying for you to ask me to come back to you because this is everything I ever wanted. everything I'll ever want but will you do it?

again I'm sitting here writing these things you will never read, things you'll never know about. things you don't care about. or pretend so.

am I someday going to get an answer? because you keep pretending this is who you really are when you're not, this is what you like when you're only trying to disguise your pain, this is where you want to be when it's only a scape but you're getting each and every day farther and farther away and then you'll finally reach the end when you won't be able to find yourself again and you won't believe me when I tell you who you used to be.

let me be the one who saves you every day from the pain that you're in. let me be your savior, let me save myself from the burden of letting you die and doing nothing to stop it.

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